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Freejazz.org is a discussion website, and in 2004 it was suggested that a few notes might be worth several thousand words. The freejazz.org sampler is the result, featuring sounds from the various denizens of this online free jazz world. Volume one was unveiled to the waiting world in 2005, and volume two in 2007.  Files are being made available for free in MP3 format, and if you were to listen to any of them, please swing by to freejazz.org and share your thoughts, however complimentary.













Freejazz.org Sampler Vol One (whi007) Freejazz.org Sampler Vol Two (whi008)
14 tracks from: John Clair, Leda Row Trio, Ernest Anderson, Chris Forbes, Caroline Kraabel & phil hargreaves, Aldcroft/Shaw/Sorbara, Fire & Flux, James Keepnews, Fist of Kong, Tampere03, Adam Caine Trio, Ras & the Music Now Unit, the Otherwhen, Weyant/Golden/Haslam 16 Tracks from: Spark Trio, Berensom/Barnum/Marconi, Wright/Bailley, Marc Edwards & Slipstream Time Travel, Dan Bronkhorst, End Times Trio, Barry Chabala, Carey/Khoury, phil hargreaves, Lee Tusman, Massimo Magee, Mittimus, Padma Sound System, Heath Watts, Glenn Weyant, Fire & Flux